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Cardamom Oil

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Cardamom oil is extracted from Elettaria cardomomum that is also known as Elettaria cardomomum var. cardomomum of Zingiberaceae family and is also known as cardamomi, cardomum and mysore cardomom. A perennial, reed-like herb, it is helpful for digestive system. 

Rose, bergamot, orange, cinnamon, caraway, cloves and cedarwood. 

a-pinene, sabinene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, a-phellandrene, 1,8-cineole, p-cymene, terpinolene, y-terpinene, linalool, terpinen-4-oil, linalyl acetate, a-terpineol, citronellol, nerol, a-terpineol acetate, geraniol, methyl eugenol & trans-nerolidol. 

Chhoti elaichi

Cardamom oil is helpful for digestive system and works as laxative & soothes colic, wind, dyspepsia and nausea. It warms the stomach & also helps with heartburn. When mentally fatigued, cardamom oil also helps with its refreshing and uplifting effect. Further, it is also a well-known remedy for impotence & low sexual response.

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Botonical Name


Elettaria Cardamomum






Country of Origin




Color & Odor


pale yellow & balsamic in fragrance




Soluble in alcohol and other organics solvents and insoluble in water.


Specific Gravity


0.921 to 0.936


Optical Rotation


+22° to +41°


Refractive Index


1.4620 to 1.4680


Flash Point




Major Constituents


1:8; Cineol,a- Terpinyl Acetate


Extraction Method


Steam Distillation

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