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Rose De MaI Oil

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Being extremely costly, Rose de Mai Essential oil is subspecies of R. centifolia and is obtained from cabbage rose. A rose absolute, it is a refined, liquid extraction of fragrant compounds from fresh blossom. The fragrant material is extracted from plant using hydrocarbon solvent method. 

Rose leaf oil; Rose oil. 

Rose hybrids involving R. x centifolia, R. gallica. 

Essential oils, fatty acids, waxes, geraniol. 

Also known as Rosa Centrifolia, it is extracted from concretes with pure alcohol, the alcohol dissolves & absorbs fragrant material from concrete leaving behind pure absolute and a few other roses. It is used in perfumery industry. An ultimate combination of active ingredients, it is also used in Crème as it is light and has rapidly absorbed anti-oxidant properties.
Botanical Name : Rosa damascena
Common Name : Rose Otto Essential Oil, Rosa damascena oil
CAS # : 8007-01-0, F.E.M.A. : 2989
Plant Parts Used : Flowers
Extraction Method : Steam distillation
Color & Odor : Deep yellow to brownish red thick liquid with floral, honey-like, intense and sweet odor

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