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Eucalyptus Globulus Oil

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Our  Eucalyptus Globulus oil and is 100% pure and steam distilled. Due to its strong, woody and medicinal aroma, it is highly demanded among aromatherapists and casual users. It is popularly used in vapor rubs and helps in sore throat and sinusitis. It is organically cultivated and is “Indian Organic Certified”.

It blends well with various oils such as Basil, Cedarwood, Lemon, Vetiver, Peppermint and Clary Sage

The main chemical components are 70% cineol, pinene, limonene, cymene, phellandrene, terpinene, sesquiterpene alcohols and cuminaldehyde.


This essential oil has a cooling and deodorizing effect on the body and helps in fevers, migraine and malaria. It is also helpful in the respiratory problems such as coughs, asthma, throat infections, sinusitis and catarrhal conditions. This oil is useful as a warming agent for muscular aches and pains, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains and poor circulation. It can be used in skin care and helpful in burns, blisters, herpes, cuts, wounds, skin infections and insect bites.

Indian Certified Organic (ICO) and Department of Agriculture.


Botonical Name


Eucalyptus globulus






Country of Origin


Southern Africa


Color & Odor


Colourless liquid with a strong camphoraceous odour




Soluble in alcohol and oils but insoluble in water.


Specific Gravity


0.90500 - 0.92500 @ 25.00 °C


Optical Rotation


(+1.00) - (+4.00)


Refractive Index


1.45800 - 1.46500 @ 20.00 °C.


Flash Point


120.00 °F


Extraction Method


Steam distillatio

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