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Annatto Butter Colour

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Botonical Name
Bixa orellana
Country of Origin
Color & Odor
red to brown with foreign odor
Oil soluble
Specific Gravity
0.91 to 0.93
Optical Rotation
Refractive Index
0.534 - 0.592
Flash Point
Extraction Method
Solvent Extraction
Extracted from the fruit of the tropical shrub Bixa orellana, it is also known as annatto, bixin, butter colour, or rocou. The main component of the fruit is carotenoid bixin, which is fat�]soluble and used to color cheese, dairy produce and baked products. The seeds are used as spice for flavoring in Caribbean and Latin American foods. 

Bixa orellana, Fam Bixaceae, Achiote, Anatta, Annato, Annotta, Aploppas, Arnotta, Arnotto, Orellana, Orlean, Orleana

It mixes easily with water, emulsions and several oils. It also blends well with turmeric or paprika oleoresin.

The annatto seeds contain 40-45% cellulose, 3.5-5.5%sucrose, 0.3-0.9% essential oil, 3% fixed oil, 4.5-5.5% pigments, 13-16% protein and other constituents. It also constitutes tannins, ethereal oils, saponins, mustard oil like substances and sesquiterpenes

Owing to its fat�]soluble component carotenoid bixin, it is used to color cheese, butter, dairy produce and baked products. The seeds of the fruit are used as spice for flavoring in Caribbean and Latin American foods. The dye extracted from the pulp is used in textile industry and various other industries such as cosmetics

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