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Capsicum oil Paprika

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Botanical Name : Capsicum annum
Common Name : Pepper, paprika, Cayenne pepper, African pepper, Bird pepper, Guinea pepper.
CAS # : 8023-77-6
Plant Parts Used : Fruits
Extraction Method : Solvent Extraction
Color & Odor : Dark red oily liquid with a strong, spicy odour

Description : 
Capsicum is a perennial plant that belongs to the solanaceae family. Also known by the names of Pepper and Chile Pepper.

Constituents & Specifications : 
Vitamin C, 0.1 - 1.5% capsaicin, capsicidins.

Properties : 
Antiseptic, antihemorrhoidal and antirheutmatic properties and is good for digestive, sinus as well as treating stomach conditions.

Benefits & Uses : 

  • The extract contains 0.1 - 1.5% capsaicin, a substance that helps in stimulating the circulation and altering temperature regulation. Applied topically, it also helps in desensitizing nerve endings as well as in making a good local anesthetic. As it also contains capsicidins, it has good antibiotic properties.

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