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Blue Lotus Attar

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 Botonical Name
Nymphaea caerulea
 CAS #
 Country of Origin
 Color & Odor
Exciting essence
Insoluble in alcohol
 Specific Gravity
0.935 to 0.948 at 20 digree C
 Optical Rotation
+3 Ce to +3.5 Ce
 Refractive Index
1.485 to 1.492
 Flash Point
 Extraction Method
Blue Lotus Attar offered has in it a wonderful combination of beautiful Blue Lotus absolute that is diluted to perfection in pure Mysore sandalwood oil. A "great receiver," it has in it the ability to attract as well as hold onto scent of other aromatics. The light, penetrating & ethereal notes of Blue Lotus that is blended into rich, warm depths of Indian sandalwood oil also makes it exciting as well as different way to enjoy its essence.

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